Miami Valley TechPrep Consortium

Credit Capture Process

Please click HERE for a 2-page downloadable PDF of the directions listed below.

Tech Prep Credit Capture 2017

Tech Prep credit capture is happening April 7 through June 15. Below are instructions for processing articulated, eLearn, C-TAG and PLTW credit.

Important: Requirements for posting credit to Sinclair College transcript:

• a student must have a Tartan ID
• a student will graduate high school spring 2017
• a student must say “Yes” to posting credit to their Sinclair College transcript

Articulated Credit
1.  Coordinators download pre-populated forms via the Tech Prep portal/Caspio (seniors only)
2.  Instructors electronically update forms with grades and determine Yes/No to posting credit
3.  Important: Print forms out, instructor/coordinator sign off, and have students sign off Yes/No to posting credit
4.  Coordinators upload completed electronic forms to Tech Prep portal
5.  Return students signed forms to MVTPC: Scan & upload/fax/mail/deliver/arrange pickup of completed forms

eLearn Credit
Note: eLearn instructors will be contacted directly by Tech Prep office and provided instructions
1.  Instructors distribute eLearn credit capture instructions to their students
2.  Students enter Sinclair email via Tech Prep portal page to receive password reset/create link
3.  Students check their Sinclair emails for Tech Prep portal password reset/create link
4.  Students log in to portal, choose Yes/No to posting credits by June 15, 2017

PLTW Credit
1.  Pre-populated forms will be provided to PLTW supervisors/coordinators to distribute to instructors
2.  Instructors enter grades & scores, instructors or supervisor/coordinator sign off on form, and return to
3.  Return signed forms to MVTPC: Supervisor/coordinator scan & upload/fax/mail/deliver/ arrange pickup of
      completed forms

C-TAG Credit
For a student to qualify for CTAG credit, the program must first have gone through the full approval process through the Ohio Department of Higher Education
1.  Student completes Part I of the student Verification Form, found here sorted by program pathway:
2.  Coordinator completes Parts II and III of the student Verification Form
3.  Student/Coordinator submits proof of the credential (should the CTAG require it), and Coordinator applies official
      stamp or school seal to Part III of the student Verification Form
      a. NOTE: Above Part II on the form is a link for the ‘Credentials Needed for Credit’. This will detail what    
          documentation is needed to accompany the Verification Form
4.  Coordinator sends the completed Verification Form (Parts I, II, & III) along with all required documentation to the
      Tech Prep Office, to the attention of Katie Bauer

Q: What to do if a student doesn’t have a Sinclair ID?
A: Students can complete the Tech Prep application ( or, if they intend to matriculate at Sinclair College, students should complete a regular Sinclair College application ( If the latter, please let the Tech Prep office know.

Q: What if a student misses the June 15 deadline?
A: Students who would like to have their credits posted, but miss the June 15 deadline, must come to the Tech Prep office and complete a paper form. If they would like to have these credits posted in time for the Fall 2017 semester, this paper form must be competed by June 30, 2017. The final deadline for credit to be posted is no later than one year after high school graduation.

Q: Can I upload more than one complete credit capture form?
A: Yes. Multiple credit capture forms can be zipped into one file (5mb maximum) and uploaded via the Tech Prep portal.

Q: How do I process ALH 1130 and ALH 1132 credits?
A: ALH 1130 (Basic Life Support Training) and ALH 1132 (American Heart Association Heartsaver/First Aid ) are included on credit capture forms for programs that typically post this credit. If these ALH courses are not included in an instructor’s credit capture form, coordinators can request the forms directly from the Tech Prep office.