Miami Valley TechPrep Consortium

Scholarship Update

The Tech Prep office is extremely pleased to announce monumental changes to the Tech Prep Scholarship effective for fall 2016 semester at Sinclair College.

Previously, students were required to complete a technical training program in high school called a Tech Prep pathway and then continue in that program or related program at Sinclair in order to utilize the Tech Prep Scholarship. The Sinclair certificate and degree programs eligible for students to pursue by pathway were listed in a document called the "Scholarship Crosswalk." As of July 2016, the Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium has eliminated the "Scholarship Crosswalk," allowing students from any pathway, to pursue any degree or certificate program here at Sinclair, using their Tech Prep Scholarship funds.

This monumental change will enable students to declare any major they desire, regardless of the pathway they completed at the high school level. This is an adjustment that has been requested by our secondary partners for quite some time, and we are thrilled to deliver on their request. Following previous protocol, students must be seeking a degree or certificate to utilize scholarship funds.

Tech Prep students choosing Health Science pathways who qualify for preferred placement on Sinclair Health Sciences program waitlists will continue to enjoy that benefit. Students who are NOT associated with Health Science pathways can still use the Tech Prep Scholarship to pursue Health Sciences degrees and/or certificates, but are not eligible for preferred standing for Sinclair Health Sciences programs.

Also, beginning fall 2017, Tech Prep Scholarship funds may pay for select required developmental courses, but only those aligning with Federal Financial Aid guidelines. This excludes DEV 0020, DEV 0070, DEV 0025, and DEV 0075.

The other qualifications for the scholarship have not changed and include the following criteria:

  • 2.25 GPA

  • Completion of high school Tech Prep program

For more detailed information about the Tech Prep Scholarship, CLICK HERE.