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Career Technical Assurance Guide (CTAG)

Career Technical Assurance Guide (CTAG)

Many of Ohio’s secondary career-technical students transition to higher education in Ohio. In 2005, with the passage of House Bill 66, Ohio expanded articulation and transfer efforts by providing students in career-technical institutions with a guarantee of credit transfer from high school to college in approved programs. Career Technical Credit Transfer facilitates the transfer of credit that students can earn in high school and support students to do the following:

  1. Take equivalent technical courses anywhere within the public educational system – high school or college.
  2. Obtain technical credits (upon enrollment in higher education) without unnecessary duplication or institutional barriers.
  3. Attain their highest educational aspirations in the most efficient and effective manner as a result of clear and consistent standards.

In order for students to receive CTAG credit the high school program must undergo an approval process. Students from approved programs can apply for credit in their discipline at any Ohio public college or university. To learn more about the CTAG process for Sinclair Community College please click here.

To access a list of approved CTAG course equivalencies for Sinclair Community College for the 2016-17 school year, click here.

Click here for CTAG descriptions from the Ohio Department of Higher Education.