Miami Valley TechPrep Consortium

Earning College Credits

A major benefit of being a partner with the Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium and Sinclair Community College is the ability for Tech Prep students to earn college credit. In past years College Tech Prep students have earned over 10,000 semester hours of college credit in high school. The high school partners are an integral part of this credit capture process.

Sinclair college credit is earned in two ways.

  1. Proficiency credit is an assessment process where a student earns letter grades through a test or series of tests and/or assignments administered in the classroom by Sinclair faculty or via online courses facilitated by CTE instructors. Please note: Only As, Bs, and Cs are transcripted with the student's authorization upon high school graduation. These credits impact the student's Sinclair GPA. The awarding of a letter grade increases the likelihood of transferability of the credit to other higher education institutions. Portfolio credit is a type of proficiency credit awarded in select programs based upon submitted evidence of completion/competence or a portfolio review assessed by a Sinclair faculty member. Like proficiency credit, letter grades are awarded. Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is another type of proficiency credit awarded to students in approved PLTW programs who earn an A or B in their coursework and a 6 or higher stanine score on the End-of-Course Assessment.
  2. Articulated Award credit is captured on the senior transmittal forms where students earn an AA (articulated award) grade based upon the classroom teacher’s assessment of progress. These credits have no impact on the student's college GPA, and are typically not transferable to other colleges or universities. Certificate credit is collected through a separate process and AA (articulated award) credit is awarded for state or national certifications/accreditations such as American Heart Association CPR, Ohio STNA, NCCER, etc. 

Over the last several years the credit options available for College Tech Prep students have been expanded. To access the most current list of credit options available for each College Tech Prep program, CLICK HERE.

At the end of the school year, each program teacher is required to fill out credit capture forms so that MVTPC can issue credit for the students in their class. The forms, generally, are given to the Career Tech Director at each of the partner sites.