About Us

Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium (MVTPC)

The Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium (MVTPC) nurtures partnerships with educators and employers to create seamless career-technical education programs that begin in the junior year of high school and continue through an associate degree and beyond.

MVTPC is dedicated to three fundamental principles: academic rigor, program relevance, and strong, productive relationships. College Tech Prep programs stress academic rigor in mathematics, science, communication and technology, and incorporate employability skills like teamwork, hands-on learning, work site experiences, critical thinking, and problem solving. Every facet of these programs is designed to address the 21st century workforce needs of the Miami Valley region by developing students who are college bound and career ready.

Students who elect to participate in Tech Prep may earn college credits while in high school, and are eligible to receive a $3,000 Sinclair Community College scholarship. Earn a cumulative high school GPA of 2.25 Junior year and the first semester of Senior year. 

Tech Prep Student Benefits